City Kids


At City Kids we believe in the promise from the Bible found in Proverbs 22:14

‘Train up children in the way they should go and even when they are old, they will not depart from it’.

The heartbeat of our team is for each and every child to meet Jesus in a real, personal and exciting way.

We accomplish this by offering age-specific programs for each child which includes:

* Awesome songs as a form of worship

* Teaching God-given principles on offering of talent, treasure and time

* Gospel-driven curriculum with Jesus as the main character

On Sunday’s your kids are placed in the following classes according to their age:

TinyTown – Age 1-2 (during the 8am gathering only)

LittleTown – Age 3-4 (during the 8am & 10am gatherings)

MidiTown – Age 5-6 (during the 8am & 10am gatherings)

UpTown – Grades 1-4 (during the 8am & 10am gatherings)

Some important information you need to know when you bring your children:

Please arrive at the City Kids venue (situated opposite the Planet Fitness at the Buzz) 20 minutes before the start time to have enough time to register and fill out a City Kids Indemnity Form.

You will receive identification stickers for both you and your child and when collecting your child, please show your sticker to gain access to the venue and to leave with them.

Please remain on the Buzz Shopping Centre premises while your child is attending City Kids. There is parking available close to the venue.

For more info on City Kids please contact Angie Grobbelaar on

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