Four Primary Values


God First City is an elder-led church that embraces and expresses these four primary values:


Belief in the gospel is the means by which we enter God’s kingdom, and also how we make all progress in the kingdom. The good news of the gospel – that we can be saved from the wrath of God – contains both the power and motivation for this same salvation and everything within salvation. We desire a church that helps unbelievers and believers increasingly believe and apply the gospel to every area of their life.


Because Jesus Himself made disciples and commissioned all believers to make disciples, the goal is for every believer to become a disciple-making disciple. We desire God First City members who actively make disciple-making disciples who know, love and obey Jesus. Courses and tools might help, but discipleship happens via intentional relationships, as well as via groups that prioritise this.


Convinced that God intends churches to be outward-looking mission agencies, both locally and globally, and all believers to be fishers of men, we desire that our local church would specifically equip and inspire our members to win people to Christ, and for our community to be on mission more broadly in terms of society-serving initiatives and planting churches.


We think that God First City should be in eager & intelligent pursuit of the presence, power, fruit and all the gifts of God’s Spirit as mentioned in the Bible, and to heed the biblical call to be filled with the Spirit, and remain filled, throughout our walk with Jesus.